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Tigers’ Tomorrow and how you can help! A lot can happen in 100 years. So much so that we lose sight of things, wrapped up in the speed of time. Before we know it another 5 years have passed. Time is fleeting and it’s almost up for one of the most inspiring an beautiful creatures our planet hast to offer. Aspects that sadly put the tiger in the crosshairs in the first place. Mythical believes so far away from the modern understanding  of nature and science that it’s hard to even slightly comprehend what some people are thinking. Now 100 years later, the count of tigers has diminished from 100,00 to probably no more than 3,200. Look around you, how many people are living near you? The (let’s call it a city) I live in has 8000 inhabitants. 8000! There are  more people here than there are tigers out there in the wild. I decided I didn’t want to watch the tiger disappear from our world. So Tiger’s Tomorrow is the beginning of my efforts to change the tigers future.  For every eBook that is sold 20 % of my royalties go to the WWF’s tiger program. You can find all the participating ebooks on amazon: Author Laura Jane Arnold Not the Fantasy type and still want to help? No Problem at all! You can always donate directly to the WWF or the Panthera Programm tigersforever. Just follow the links below. Every little bit helps to keep the tiger in the jungle of our worlds. WWF From the UK From the USA Find your WWF office here: Panthera tigersforever Saving the tigers today, to secure their tomorrow!